Pentewan Picnics

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An innocent question last week from a colleague “Do you know where Pentewan is?” has prompted this blog. Yes, I do know where Pentewan is.

Granny was born in Pentewan and my great grandparents farmed at Barton Farm. We have pictures of 4 generations of children on Pentewan beach. We go to Pentewan beach all the time in the summer with always a minimum of 5 children and often a whole lot more. As a result of these days we have lots of stories to tell like “do you remember that day it rained on the beach?”. There is getting rained on, on the beach where everyone goes for a splash in the sea. Then there is getting rained on, on the beach where sandy and completely soggy children end up eating their picnic in a friend’s summerhouse. Well, apart from the child who has to go back to the beach to retrieve his picnic which he buried in the sand……..


The beach at Pentewan is great and is a beach of many parts. There is Gammas only available at low tide, village beach where we mostly go with the children, works beach, the Winnick attached to the campsite and Portgiskey accessible at low tide or via the cliff path. I have a real passion for swimming in the sea – 85 times this year and it is mostly at Pentewan. No pictures of Spikey on Pentewan beach as they are all of the tail-in-the-corner-of-the-shot variety as he just runs like mad on that beach. He’s not allowed on the beach in the summer so he goes building with Dad, who conveniently has been working in Pentewan over the past two summers.

2014-10-02 17.28.41

We take lots of food to the beach – everyone takes their own picnic plus extra food to share. This summer I regularly took a red lentil flan. The recipe comes from the Simple Vegan Recipe website and can be found at I make my own pastry base using Spelt flour, Pure (vegan margarine) and water.

2014-10-07 20.07.15

The recipe includes yeast flakes which as well as being tasty are a great source of B vitamins. Next summer and picnics on Pentewan beach seem a long way away but no doubt I’ll find other times to make a red lentil flan before next summer arrives


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