Carob Cookies at Polzeath

2014-10-02 11.02.382014-10-02 11.00.40

It was my birthday last week and the excuse for an outing arose, so it was off to Polzeath with Mum and Spikey. This was probably the longest amount of time ever I’d gone without a visit to Polzeath – last summer driving and walking was a big deal for me following a leg injury and this summer on the day we planned to go over it was rainy. I should mention that in my family Polzeath is a top place to go to. Originally Granny had lots of family in North Cornwall and today I have cousins in Wadebridge and one cousin manages the campsite at Polzeath. Over the years and the generations we have had so many happy family days at Polzeath with lots of stories to tell. Some of Granny’s cousins used to get to spend the whole summer there and there are old black and white photos with captions such as “June on the beach last summer”. I suspect “last summer” was sometime in the 30s or 40s.  Anyway now the most recent pictures to add to the family album are of Spikey on Greenaway beach in October 2014.

There really is something special about a day out at Polzeath – parking on the cliff top, going in the sea, walking over to Daymer and beyond and of course having a picnic. Ah yes the all important picnic. To go with our Brilliant Bread and veggie sticks I made some cookies from the Deliciously Ella website.

2014-10-02 08.53.472014-10-02 08.54.38

I adapted them by using a small cutter so I made about 30 instead of 10 cookies and I used carob powder instead of raw cacao powder.  Hadn’t had carob powder much for a bit until my friends from the “flute group” aka “food group” made something with carob in a couple of months ago and now I’m  going through a ” Carob Crazy” phase. Whilst carob powder can be substituted for cocoa powder in recipes it does have it’s own flavour and texture. Unlike chocolate, carob has no caffeine or theobromine in it. Theobromine is bad for dogs – however there was no chance of Spikey having our Carob Cookies because they were too nice to be wasted on a dog and apart from his raw veggies (and random sampling of unsavoury items on walks when he can get away with it) he only eats dog food.


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