Brilliant Bread

2014-09-26 10.09.20
Superfood Bread

My current top favourite website is  a website jammed packed with whole, plantfood recipes. At the moment I’m regularly making Ella’s Superfood Bread . It makes a for a tasty sandwich on a picnic and I was really glad I had some for my lunch last week when I spent a whole day jump judging at Ladock Hunter trials because it is very filling.

2014-09-26 13.33.582014-08-31 12.42.58

My top toppings are Natex (yeast extract with the all important B12), avocado and tomato and it goes down very nicely with some crunchy carrot sticks.

2014-09-26 09.38.252014-09-26 09.56.12

Also I adore Ella’s Nutritious Nutella It has lots of hazelnuts and dates in and  is a wonderful sweet topping for the Superfood Bread

2014-09-26 10.10.43


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