Energy Breakfast

Sunrise on the beach
Sunrise on the beach

Every morning I whizz up a banana, root ginger, seasonal fruit, soya milk, oats and some cocoa/carob powder in my blender for breakfast. It really fills me up as breakfast is early and often lunch is late.  Along with my freshly squeezed orange juice, it gives me instant energy and leaves me  ready and raring to go.  Mostly I eat straight away but sometimes in the summer I decant into a bottle and it comes to the beach with me when I go for a swim before work.

Orange Juice

Ginger is a a natural anti inflammatory and adds a real kick. I use Alpro soya milk as it is a source of calcium and Vitamins B2, B12 and D and so a great idea to get these vitamins all in the first meal of your day.




I change the fruit according to the season – in the winter I like pears and the summer nectarines. Presently I’m enjoying Dad’s apples from his tree as well as the blackberries from my garden. Alter the amounts of any of the ingredients to suit your taste.

Energy Breakfast

Serves 1

1 Banana

250ml Soya Milk

1 teaspoon of grated ginger

1 teaspoon of cocoa or carob powder

Handful of Oats

Seasonal Fruit


Whizz all the ingredients up in a blender, pour into a bowl, eat straight away and enjoy




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